Freedom from addiction no judgement

Sobriety Navigator: Freedom from the grips of addiction with no judgment!

How many of us can tell a story of being in a relationship with someone who is lost in the throes of addiction? How many of us who achieved sobriety tried repeatedly to throw a life preserver to a fellow addict as they struggled to stay afloat, drowning in the chaos and destruction of addiction, only to have that special person throw it back and say, no thank you, I’m ok, I don’t need it, I don’t want it, or flat out leave me alone!

Sobriety Navigator was inspired by people who know the pain and frustration of losing a loved one or friend who was so embedded in shame and embarrassment of who they were and what they were doing that the thought of self-disclosure was overwhelming. The people of Sobriety Navigator understand that there are wonderful people in this world who have rejected themselves to the point of refusing to get the help they need. And sadly, many people do not have family members to look out for them or who are willing to participate in an intervention because they find it threatening to themselves in some way.

People have asked, “Do you have to join a 12 step program in order to recover from addiction or participate on Sobriety Navigator?” The answer is no!  You do not have to join a 12 step program in order to understand what is going on inside of you.

The people who initially participated on Sobriety Navigator are all 12 step program members, but the fact remains that everybody is unique with their own path to take. We offer information about 12 step programs because we have successfully used them. There are many people who don’t like or feel comfortable utilizing a 12 step program, and that is ok. It is critical for a person to feel comfortable and safe in order to explore the underlying motivations and triggers for acting out their destructive and compulsive behaviors.

In fact, our members’ articles section is a great place to share personal experiences about other venues or programs that have helped them achieve sobriety.

A goal of Sobriety Navigator is to give insight and alternative perspectives for people to examine. Our hope is that, through the information we provide, they find a renewed optimism and better understanding of the disease concept.  This can lead to new positive ways to look at themselves and their addiction and how to overcome it.

Open mindedness and willingness to explore are all that is required to begin the journey. There is no adventure more fascinating than the path to self-discovery. 


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