Questionnaire - Am I an Alcoholic


Sobriety Navigator: Questionnaire - Am I an Alcoholic? Do I have an alcoholic’s behavior?

How much or how often a person drinks is not the real issue. It is a matter of whether or not you suffer from an alcoholic’s behavior patterns. There are many people who can drink heavily and frequently who are not alcoholic. But if problems are created when you drink alcohol, then you have a drinking problem. 

Are you a problem drinker?  Ask yourself these questions:

  1. When you drink alcohol is your primarily purpose to get drunk or do you stop before intoxication is upon you?
  2. Are you able to drink socially, stopping when you begin to feel intoxicated?
  3. Do you drink alone?
  4. Are you always thinking about drinking?
  5. Are you only excited or happy when you’re getting ready or starting to drink?
  6. Do you black out or experience memory loss from drinking?
  7. Do you have a personality change when drinking?
  8. Do you engage in behaviors, saying and doing things you would never do, if you were not intoxicated?
  9. Do you swear off alcohol periodically only to find yourself intoxicated again?
  10. Do you live with a constant fear of people knowing how much you drink?
  11. Do you circulate the places you buy alcohol so store clerks won’t know how much you’re buying?
  12. Has your drinking affected the way people treat you?
  13. Do people hold it over your head that you drink and act different when you’re drunk?
  14. Do you feel less of a person because you drink?
  15. Do you look down on yourself because you drink?
  16. Have you ever had a DUI?
  17. Have you ever been in trouble with the law because of your drinking?
  18. Are you willing to do something illegal or unethical in order to drink?
  19. Do you isolate because you drink?
  20. Do you only go places where there is drinking?
  21. Do you only hang out with people who drink?
  22. Do you find nondrinkers boring?
  23. If you’re not drinking, do you feel bored?
  24. When you’re not drinking are you easily agitated?
  25. Are you hypersensitive to anyone bringing up your drinking?
  26. Are you emotionally immobilized with fear when not drinking?
  27. Are you afraid of people when you’re not drinking?
  28. Do you have financial problems because of drinking?
  29. Do you go into blackouts and spend money you don’t have or can’t afford?
  30. Have you lost a job because of drinking?
  31. Have you ever quit a job because it interfered with your drinking?
  32. Have you ever walked away from dreams, goals and plans because of your obsession with drinking?
  33. Is your main purpose in life to capture the euphoric high from alcohol and just stay there? 

These are only a small portion of the questions anyone with a drinking problem could ask themselves. Each and every person with a drinking problem could add their own questions to the list. 

If a person continues to be a practicing alcoholic, one of three things is guaranteed to occur over time:

  1. Loss – The loss of anything and everything of value to you. Loved ones, friends, family, property, standing in the community and most importantly, self-respect.
  2. Incarceration – Being arrested for DUI or harming someone accidentally while intoxicated or driving in a black out. Endangering children, elderly or animals while intoxicated or in a blackout.
  3. Death – Death from accidents, alcohol poisoning or suicide.

By Cynthia Peterson


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