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Are you a closet drinker or drug user? Are you tired of "coming to" instead of waking up? If you're an addict or alcoholic you know exactly what that means. Is one of your goals not only to wake up, but not to be hung-over when you do? Is that something you haven't experienced in years?

Do you ever ask yourself, "When did I lose control of my life?" Do you feel trapped? Have you ever imagined being able to talk about what is really going on? Have you wondered what it would be like to experience the freedom, safety and relief of being able to open up and not be judged, shamed or condemned? In a moment of clarity, the questions arise. What is wrong? How did I get here? This can't be normal? I feel crazy! How do I get out?

Are you ashamed & afraid to reach out for help? Sobriety Navigator provides a completely confidential venue for seeking information and answers to these questions, and much more. Become a member of and have complete access to articles, information, forum and 24/7 live chat rooms! You will be able to safely connect with other people. People who are also questioning, exploring and seeking answers to their struggles with addiction. 

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