Your 24/7 Live Chat on Sobriety

Guidelines for Sobriety 24/7 Chat !

Sobriety Navigator Motto! ‘TALK IT OUT! DON’T ACT IT OUT!”

Everybody hurts sometimes! Compassion not only for others but ourselves is a vital aspect of transformation and change!

Common Courtesy! No Soliciting! No Bullying!

Inappropriate behavior will result in removal from the chat site for 30 minutes!

If you are inactive on the chat for more than 30 minutes you will be automatically logged out.

Our chat is designed to respond to the size of your device. For best viewing results use a larger device such as desktop laptop or tablet.
Please plan on using your smart phone in the horizontal position to properly view the line of chat.

You may contact us HERE for any questions or concerns you may have.

You must Login to Chat.     Please go to 24/7 Live Chat to select your Chat Room.

Thank You

OFFICIAL CHAT ROOM LAUNCH DATE DECEMBER 1, 2013. SIGN UP NOW.                                                                                  


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