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At Sobriety Navigator you have the opportunity to free yourself from the confusion, isolation and fear of the unknown that accompany addiction. We provide a members only forum and 24/7 live chat rooms where you can talk with others and enjoy the freedom and relief of unloading the negative thoughts, feelings, and fears that the unknown often creates. Read confidential and personal stories of people who have felt trapped and isolated and found solutions to their struggles. Use these as a guide in your own journey.

Talk it out...don't act it out! That is the motto we here at Sobriety Navigator live by!

Self-expression is a very powerful and liberating experience, especially when you're interacting with other people who can relate and identify with you.

And, by communicating with others who may not be addicts or alcoholics themselves, but are in a relationship with someone who is, you can get honest insight into what it is like to be in a relationship with someone who behaves like you do! All this without being nailed to a cross or sledgehammered into silence!

Humor is a key ingredient that is most useful in the journey of healing from the disease of addiction. By looking at different perspectives of yourself and your life, it is not uncommon to find there is always something to laugh about, and even to be grateful for. Like the ability to be honest with yourself!

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