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Sobriety Navigator is an independent information, forum and chat site. The articles and information come from the personal experiences of men and women with decades of abstinence from intoxicants. These men and women have a keen understaning that addiction is a symptom of underlying problems. By successfully identifying and confronting their individual challenges, they have been able to achieve both physical and emotional sobriety.

It takes one to know one, as the saying goes. And never are those words more true or better understood than by fellow alcoholics, drug addicts, and their friends and family.

After experiencing years of self-inflicted pain, humiliation, degradation and overwhelming fears, the madness came crashing in on us. Or maybe our interanl coping mechanism just broke. Whether through the courts, intervention or self-admittance (it really doesn't matter), at some point we entered treatment for our addiction or started attending 12 Step Program meetings.

Little did we know that we were embarking, in our own unique way, on a journey into self-discovery. A journey that would give us great insight into who we truly are and the clarity and understanding that we are free to be who we want to be. We learned that we could not just live without the drugs and alcohol, but that we really could enjoy life.                                                                                                

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